A total of 82,253 calls have been received to the Emergency Hotline since October 15, 2007. Legal and psychological support has been provided to solve the problems of callers.

Founded in 2003 by Hurriyet newspaper within the framework of the "End Domestic Violence" Campaign, the line has been operated by the Federation of Women's Associations of Turkey since 2014. The Domestic Violence Emergency Hotline is the first and only emergency hotline in Turkey to work to prevent and respond to violence against women. Women who call the line for support are directed to the relevant institutions and organizations by psychologists, social researchers and lawyers who specialize in violence in line with their wishes, demands and needs. By following the issue, support is given to take measures to prevent women from returning to the environment where they are abused and to prevent further harm.

Social services or Psychologist respond to people who call our emergency hotline on 0212 656 96 -0 549 656 96 96. Our friends, who take a stance according to their situation, if the case is an emergency, call the police station or gendarmerie according to the state of residence and ensure that the security forces reach the victim as soon as the earliest. Then the actions that need to be done according to the situation are followed by providing control by us. If the case is reported by someone outside the household, the referral is the moment of the incident, the law enforcement is sent, and if it is not instantaneous, communication is provided on behalf of the call at the time of the incident. Individual callers are informed to learn their rights while questioning the situation they are in. Apart from ASPB in cases of abuse, we form the healing leg with our special Psychologist and Psychiatrist friends.

Calls have been received from all provinces and from 25 different countries (Germany, France, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, America, Syria, Switzerland, Iran, Tunisia, UK, Sweden, Romania, Libya, Japan, Ukraine, Georgia, Kenya, Canada, Kazakhstan, Greece, China, United Arab Emirates) and Cyprus.


Municipalities That Sign the Emergency Hotline Protocol:

  • Antalya Metropolitan Municipality
  • Manavgat Municipality
  • Alanya Municipality
  • Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
  • Cigli Municipality
  • Ankara Metropolitan Municipality
  • Çankaya Municipality
  • Seyhan Municipality
  • Edirne Municipality
  • Izmir Municipality
  • Sisli Municipality
  • Principality Municipality
  • Kartal Municipality
  • Akhisar Municipality
  • Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality
  • Hazelnut Municipality
  • Foça Municipality
  • Woodpaper Municipality
  • Tepebasi Municipality
  • Bodrum Municipality
  • Büyükçekmece Municipality
  • Cigli Municipality
  • Çankaya Municipality
  • Ceyhan Municipality
  • Izmit Municipality
  • Kusadasi Municipality
  • Selçuk Municipality
  • Safranbolu Municipality
  • Tuzkçu Municipality
  • Merkezefendi Municipality
  • Seyhan Municipality
  • Muratpasa Municipality
  • Ataşehir Municipality
  • Aydin Metropolitan Municipality
  • Amasra Municipality