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The hotline was first established by the newspaper Hürriyet in 2003 under the ‘End Domestic Violence’ project and has been operated by the Federation of Women Associations of Turkey since 2014. The Domestic Violence Emergency Hotline is the first and only emergency hotline operating in Turkey to prevent and respond to violence against women. Women who call the hotline to seek help are referred to relevant institutions and organizations as per their requests and needs by psychologists, social workers and legal experts specialized in violence. Follow-up is carried out for each case and support is provided to take necessary measures so as to ensure women do not have to return to that violent environment and protect them from any further hurt.

Social workers or psychologists respond to the individuals who call our emergency hotline at 0212 656 96 96 or 0 549 656 96 96. Our colleagues decide what action to take depending on each specific case and in case of emergency, they call the police station or gendarmerie depending on the victim’s place of residence to ensure that the law enforcement reach the victim as quickly as possible. Afterwards we ensure that necessary actions are followed up. In case incidents are reported by someone outside the household, law enforcement is directed to the house at the time of the incident. Otherwise, the caller is informed that they should be calling at the time of the incident next time. Information is also provided to those who call to understand their current circumstances and inquire about their rights. Apart from MoFSS, we provide recovery service with our dedicated psychologist and psychiatrist colleagues in abuse cases.

Digital violence refers to the use of the internet or various social networks with the intent of assaulting, humiliating, harassing or intimidating an individual. It might involve sending to or pressuring the others to send obscene pictures and/or videos, constantly asking for and/or hacking their social media passwords, checking out their cell phone, or posting humiliating content related to that individual on their own social network accounts.

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